Windy City Cryo Massage

Providing a professional spa experiences with the Added Benefit of Cryotherapy!

Could there be a better time than now to try one of our full body Massages that will relieve tension, soothe muscles and temper migraines. We offer several choices including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and more!  Be sure to ask us about our Whole Body Cryo with your massage and our Himalayan Hot Stone Massage, designed to melt away the stress of everyday life. 

We'll help you look and feel your best 

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Massage & Cryotherapy

A quality, therapeutic, and customized Massage for overall wellness and relaxation.  Our certified Massage Therapists will personalize your massage so it is just right for you. Book now and leave all your stress behind!



Including a Cryotherapy treatment after your massage will benefit you in the following ways:


- Reduce inflammation from the massage

- Reduce soreness of muscles the next day

- More range of motion

- Better flexabolity

- Sleep better

- Help with skin conditions

- Better mental attitude

- Burn 500 to 800 calories